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Grrrrrrrreat Social Media Breakfast Brands

Grrrrrrrreat Social Media Breakfast Brands

"Special +K"Sometimes random conversations spawn random thoughts that in turn develop into random ideas. This happened recently when I discussed breakfast brands and slogans with co-workers while reading a blog post about Twitter hashtags. Something in my brain put the two together and a tasty social media cereal was born. Being a branding guy I found it fun to not only expand the list but to match each tasty offering with a fun tagline.

My endorphins started racing so I decided to share them with the socialsphere. Enjoy!


1. Honey #Hashtags

“We’re gonna tempt your tummy, with the taste of ‘tags and honey”

2. Fiber +1′s

“Tastes so +Good, you’ll forget the +Fiber.”

3. Cookie Klout Crisp

“Silly Perk, Klout is for kids!”

4. “Like” Crispies

“Like, Follow, Poke…into your morning!”

5. Facebook Flakes

“Show’em you’re a ‘Liker,’ Show’em what you can do, the taste of Facebook Flakes, brings out the ‘Liker’ in you!”

6. Twheaties

“The Breakfast of Tweeters!”

7. Lucky Blogs

“They’re Magically Bloglicious!”

8. WordPress Pops

“Gives every post a POP!”

9. Cocoa Circles

“Tasty chocolate networks in every bite”

10. Special +K Algorithim Clusters

“You can make a game out of Tweeting every Topic in sight.  “Kloutastic!!! That Algorithm’s alright!”

11. Frosted Follows

“Facebook tested. Follower approved.”

12. Sugar Stumbles

“Sugar loving Stumbler’s just can’t get enough!”


So, there you have my list. Let’s have fun with this one. What social media cereals and slogans can you create?


John Boyle is the Lifestyle Editor and a Contributing Author for  This post originally ran on 12Most on November 25th, 2011.



GREAT post! Clever and fun. Wish I could think of something to add but I can't!


Love this! I will never look at my breakfast cereal the same way again. :-)


I really like #3...especially in the wake of Klout inadvertently assigning scores to minors (even those with restrictive privacy settings). The public backlash woke them up *a lot more* than a cup of coffee!